Humankind/Noodlekind, vol. 1

I believe that there are few things in the world more perfect than a hot bowl of noodle soup. The Grand Canyon? The Pyramids? The laughter of a child? Nah, give me ramen or give me death.

My teensy-weensie, slightly all-consuming obsession with the noodle has led me to ramen shops all over the city. The one I find myself running to the most is Strings Ramen in Chinatown. I love this place for it’s oh-so-convenient location, and it’s stellar food. You can find it about a block west of the Cermak-Chinatowm redline stop. Since I live close by, I’m here all the time.

I normally order the tonkatsu ramen: a beautiful, smoky pork broth with duck and pork belly, and springy noodles that hold on to their form texture for dear life. Add a soft-boiled egg, and we’re in business!

Strings Tonkatsu Ramen

My boyfriend often gets the oden ramen: a shoyu (soy based) broth, filled with chunks of chopped pork belly and an amazing assortment of skewered fish cakes, tofu, and vegetables. This ramen is simply amazing. The only reason I don’t order it more often is that I can never finish it all. And there’s nothing sadder to me than wasted ramen.

Strings Oden Ramen

So if you’re ever in the Chicago area and find yourself craving a good bowl of noodles, give Strings a try!

2141 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616


Happy dining!


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